Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Perfectly Pink Party

The Pinkalicious Party has come and gone...and more importantly I survived.

My inspiration was the actual Pinkalicious book by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann. I love this book! I read so many terrible children's books, that I become obsessed with the good ones. To many people's dismay I have known for a whole year that there would be a pink cupcake theme for this year's party. So, if you think that is crazy I should probably not mention that next years theme is already in the works.

Busted! There was some pre-party gift opening going on.
I also worked for weeks perfecting the Happy Birthday banner. I will post details later because to tell you the truth I like it so much I might sell it.

Here is the party girl checking out her outfit. I wanted her to look as though she had never heard of any other color besides PINK.

The cake.

The food and most importantly the pink velvet cupcakes. I served it with pink lemonade of course and Sonic ice because there is no better.

A better view, no?

What would a pink party be without pinning the cherry on the cupcake? We also had the kids decorate their own cupcake.

Two Birthday parties back to back and I am still here.


  1. Her dress is ADORABLE!!!

    I'm glad that the parties didn't kill you.
    I'm sorry I had to miss them!