Thursday, December 2, 2010

A "Tweet" Baby Shower

My best friend had a baby! was about seven months ago, and I am just now blogging about it.  Hey I'm here now aren't I?  

Basically it was so much fun to plan.  I started planning as soon as I got the news.  For starters she helped throw the best and most thought out baby shower for Sugar Face, so I could not let her down.

I couldn't decide between a Baby Bird baby shower or a Bedtime Story baby shower.  So, I had my co-hostesses decide and it was a unanimous decision for a Baby Bird theme.

Instead of the traditional pennant banner I went with baby Jay's name in matching colors on some twine with mini clothes pins.  Then I painted and stained birdhouses to line the mantel.  This was my absolute favorite part because it turned out better than what I envisioned.  I also liked the brown wood stain on the birdhouse instead of having just painted it brown.  No one else in the entire universe would have even noticed the difference, but as Oprah says "Love is in the details."

The front table was really fun.  It included bird shaped cookies which were the favors.  A bird cage with a bird with a nest of eggs.  I also had Anthony cut some wood to be the card holders for notes and for the food table.  I also embossed all of the cards with birds.  I had never embossed anything before in my life and it was basically awesome.  I wish I had a close up, but don't worry I will be embossing more things in the future.

I couldn't have a bird shower without branches and birds.  I went all "Martha Stewart"-literally-on the guests and glittered my birds to match the color scheme.

Here were my glasses and paper straws.  I am always an RSVP'er, but didn't realized how crucial such a thing was until I customized each glasses with everyones name.  You kind of looked like a jerk if you RSVP'ed and didn't come or if you didn't RSVP at all and I put your name on a glass for just in cases.  Sorry about that.  

I wish I had a good picture of the food table because it was my masterpiece.  It was the best table I have done so far.

Then most importantly here is the mother-to-be.  She had sweet little baby Jay in May and has become a wonderful mother.  I am so happy I got to be a part of the baby shower along with Alicia and my fellow Jennifer.  It could not have been done without them.  A wonderful shower for a wonderful friend!

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