Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Nursery

I can only say that the amount of complaints I received regarding the baby's nursery have been numerous.  Not many people have been able to come and see it, but everyone seems to know the story behind it getting done.  I didn't spare one soul when it came to complaining about the arduous task of putting this thing together.

When I got pregnant the first time I just knew I was meant to be a boy Mom.  Well as usual, my instincts failed me.  I soon became and fell in love with being a girl Mom.  I love all things girl!  When I got pregnant again I saw no vision past pink.  So, I was a bit surprised when we found out we were having a boy.  I was completely prepped on my new bunny nursery.  I basically just need to click "purchase" on all my websites.  The deal was done.

So, redrawing a boy nursery flustered me.  I only had 6 months to design, create, purchase, paint, and place PEOPLE!

It started out with a Moon and Stars theme.  Oh wait Pottery Barn Kids, where in the heck did all of the Moon and Stars stuff go that I saw a mere 2 months ago?  Are you playing with me?...and so they weren't.

Then I said forget you Moon and Stars and I decided to go all modern.  Hey wait...going all modern is expensive when nothing you own is modern and you have to buy new things.

So, to keep a long story short I kept a lot of things I already had from the beginning and I plowed forward.


When it was complete, I then decided to post it for the entire world to see.  The real world is harsh folks.  Within in seconds of posting the nursery my sweet little nursery became a 2.5 out of 5 stars nursery.  Did I offend your mothers of something people?  Don't kick me while I'm down.

The hurt and pain followed.

To make myself feel better I aimed to vote for myself and give myself a very unrealistic 5 stars. turns out my fingers are more trustworthy than my foolish little brain and I accidently hit 3 stars!  At least I tried.

I get it!  I am no five stars.  I can't even give MYSELF five stars.

Luckily in the meantime some gentle person voted me into a 3.5 star nursery.  Bless your precious heart you sweet stranger.

Here it is friends:

The Baby Boy Retreat

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