Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sharpening my Skills

They may not be numchuck skills, bow hunting skills or computer hacking skills...but they are my only skills dang it!  When I was in Junior High I decided on a whim that I wanted to decorate cakes.  So, my Mom who is always willing to indulge me, signed me up for my first Wilton Cake Decorating course.  When I arrived, with cake and icing in hand, I was the ONLY 14 year old in a class full of middle aged women.  

I can only now realize that this would not be my first time mingling with senior citizens...our trip to Europe, the new neighborhood, oh forget it I am getting off track.  

Anyhow, I can just picture me with my hair straight and parted down the middle, a flannel tied around my waist, and the bulkiest pair of sketchers I could find, in a room full of old ladies wearing cat sweaters.  Now, those were the days.  I sure did learn a lot in that class and it has kept me decorating cakes all these years.  

Well, about a month ago a friend of mine decided to take the very same Wilton course and asked if I would like to attend.  "You know I do!", was my response.  I need to sharpen my skills in cake.  So, here we are thirteen years later-Round 2.  I bought my Course I kit, even though my Mom still has my original, and went to class.



  1. First of all: HILARIOUS.

    Second, did you get to eat that beautfiul cake? If so, why on this planet of earth was I not invited??? That cake is the cutest!!!

    please post something everyday because you are the funniest writer ever. Period, the end.

  2. i laughed out loud about the europe trip part!!! "i ain't mad atcha" xoxo

  3. cute! did it taste good? :)

  4. because I might have some business for you if you want it - I noticed that it kind of came across rude the way I asked lol

  5. You are hysterical!! Who knew you would be so good at this?? Oh, yeah, me!!! 'Cause you're good at everything you do!!!