Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When Snakes Attack

Or I guess the title should say, When a Snake is Sitting There and You Feel Like You are Going to Die and You Try and KILL the Snake...or AHHHHHHHHHHH!

So, the other night we decided to go for a walk around the neighborhood.  The Old Man went out through the garage with our dog, and I went out through the side door with the baby.  As we met up, I went to grab the jogging stroller from the corner of my garage and I tried to finagle it from the corner.  It wouldn't budge.  So, I picked it up and rolled it backwards.  I then rolled it beside, so I could take the heavy baby from my hip and place her in the stroller.

As I rolled the stroller backwards beside me, I naturally looked down to the seat where I was about to place her.  I looked down to see a gray coil.  Do what?  Well actually, there truly was not even a second of a thought that crossed my mind because I saw half of a SNAKE...and ran the opposite direction like there was no tomorrow.  Oh and did I mention that while I ran I screamed at the top of my lungs, and I quote, "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!".  By the time I decided to stop the Old Man was running towards the garage, with a hideous three foot snake flailing on the ground.  

He grabs a shovel from his truck and bravely tries to bludgeon the snake again, and again....and again with no luck.  The snake, mind you, is slithering to the side of the house with stabs of the shovel right behind him.  I couldn't see what was happening now, so I move over, from a football field distance away to see what was going on around the side of the house.  All I could see was the snake reared up hissing and  trying to get a mouthful of Anthony.  I of course yelled, "Watch out!".  In all the adrenaline he finally noticed that he not only was trying to take out the snake, but the snake was trying to take him out as well.  In the sobering moment he backed up, tripped over our flower bed, and fell backwards into the bushes.  I think I may have even laughed then at the sight.  Yes, even in full terror I can appreciate the comedic moments.

Once he got up, the anger got to him and the snake was obliterated.  The little baby watched the whole scene with me and did not even flinch once.  She can handle a 3 mile sprint away from the house AND a murder scene all in five minutes and still be as cool as a cucumber.

So in summary there are still so many questions to be answered in this case.  Exactly when did the snake jump from the stroller onto the ground?...and how close was I?

Oh and I am the only person that believes snakes can re-generate back to life like Agent Smith from the Matrix?

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