Friday, July 3, 2009

Back to Hawaii

On difficult days I begin to miss the sun and the beach.  You know, the sand underneath your feet, the trees swaying in the wind.  I could use that right about now.  However, since we are on the subject, why don't you just sit back and let me tell you a little story from my Hawaiian days.

So when we went to Hawaii, the most important part was to ensure we had a Jeep Wrangler so we could take the top down.  At one point when we booked the Jeep the confirmation said "Jeep Wrangler or similar vehicle".  Wait...similar?  I don't think so sir.  

This confirmation would only plague me until we arrived.  I spent the whole flight to Hawaii thinking of the exact words to say when they rolled up in a Honda Fit.  I could not picture our Hawaiian vacation without the top down and my hair blowing in the wind!  Anthony would then have to calm me down and assure me things would be ok.

Wait a minute...why was I so desperate for the Jeep?  I don't know.  You know, once I started to think about it the Jeep wasn't my idea in the first place.  It was Anthony's!  Yeah!  I don't care about a dang car.

So, we get there and low and behold they roll up with a silver Jeep Wrangler.  Done.  End of story.

Oh, don't fret that is not the end.

The very moment we get into the Jeep the old man wants to take down the top.  After a long day of traveling, and not knowing where we are going I suggest to do it later.  Who's the party pooper?

Our first real day in Hawaii we are rushing to get to our Four Wheeler Tour, so there is no time.  After the tour we decide to drive the coast to the North Shore.  Well, this time he is ready to take the top down.  I, hesitant as usual, have to be coaxed into it.  Why?  I don't know-I just like to suck the wind out of people's sails.  I mean just picture us not being able to get the top back on or my hair getting messed up.  Why?  I don't know.  So we do it!

The top is down and we start driving out of the parking lot.  Drip, drip...drip.  Oh heck no.  We look up and it is completely cloudy.  So, we look at each other and stop the car.  We discuss two things:

1. His Mom talked to us about her trip to Hawaii and how it rained practically every day for about 10 minutes.  Ok.
2.  AV's thought is that if we get on the road the wind will blow the rain over us.  Ok.

Well, those theories worked just fine.  Uh...except that we have been driving for about 3o minutes and it just now stopped raining.  Theory #1 down the hole. 

Oh, well looky there-it's a beautiful beach with not a soul on it.  Let's just stop and put our feet in the water since we haven't even touched the Pacific ocean yet.  

Having fun, loving life until...

those clouds keep sticking around we better head back to the car and put the top up.  Drip...drip.

 There it is folks-a torrential down pour.  Well, we know I am hiding under a tree, soaked and hiding my camera under my shirt.  Where is Anthony?
There he is!  This is when I was still laughing.
20 minutes later the laughing stops.  There is a lot of cussing going on.  A lot of hitting the car.  He can't get the top up!  A lake begins to form around the car so I hop in onto soaked maps.

That's how we like to start a vacation...with a bang!

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  1. haha I love your stories! hope you get to go back sometime soon!