Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cake Party!

After glancing at my blog, I sure have noticed lots of talk about cake.  Lots and lots.  Now, some people may think obsessed.  I think phase.  

Now, sure at this very moment do I fantasize about owning my own bakery and making daily confections?  Yes.

Do I already have a small business plan jotted down?  Of course.

Do I already have a list of my bakery's name?  Definitely!  I mean that's the first thing I do in these "phases".  You've got to start out with a catchy name here people, then things fall in to place.  Right?  RIGHT?

Is any of this going to happen?  No.

It's what I do.   I barely know how to slap a cake mix together.  I just like to daydream.

Anyhow, my friends and I are all on the same kick lately.  Cakes!  So, to commemorate the new hobby we had a cake party where we made cake purses.

So, we started out with your average cake mix.  You see you make heart shaped cakes and cut them out to look like purses.  Can't visualize?  Then oh wait....you'll see.

While the cakes bake, Alicia (since she is the professional here) got to work on the fondant.

Roll Alicia, roll!  Oops, it sure does look like Alicia is doing the brunt of the work.  Sorry about that.  I think we all "watched" pretty well though.

As we wait for the cakes to bake, Leah finally swats the fly that had been stalking us.  He or she was just waiting for the cakes to finish.  Leah looks like she just won the gold medal in fly swatting.

The cakes finished and Coby and I starting laying them out to cool.

Then we iced the cakes with the buttercream I brought over.  If you see some missing, it's because we ate them ok.  We ate them!  Sorry, but we just did.  This led to me wanting to just throw up after all of this was over.
Once we ate a little cake and then each decorated one, I think we began to lose a little steam.  I did anyway.  I mean I can only think of so many ways to decorate a purse.  Either way, we did it.  You see?  We cut off the heart bottom, added some fondant clasps, and a fondant handle.  Purse cake.

Ta Da!
It was awesome! 


  1. Woo Hoo! That day was fun, although after viewing the pics I realize I need lots of practice before I open up my shop! Have you seen on Bakerella the hamburger and french fries dessert? I am making those on Saturday for the party! Fingers crossed I hope they turn out ok. They are SO CUTE!!! Check them out. See you Saturday! Miss you!

  2. That fly would still be there if it wasnt for me!! Glad I could help!