Friday, August 21, 2009


You see, I cook a LOT.  It makes me feel like a good 'ol housewife.  Stirring my pot of stew with an apron just makes you feel so domestic.  

Sewing that is a Domestic Engineer people!  I take my job seriously.  I can cook all day long, but you HAVE to eat right?  So, in my opinion that's no big deal.  But sewing?  Big deal!

I just made something because I could.  It didn't have to do it, I just did.  It improves the home...oh whatever I just wanted to do it.  

In reality, I have been getting really rusty on my sewing so I wanted to start on something easy and work my way up, and there is no better way to start than a pillow.  It looks a million times better on the couch, but the lighting wasn't great inside for the picture, so here it is outside.


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