Thursday, September 24, 2009


What is it about this blog?

For some reason, when I sit down to type out a new post I have this deep-seated notion to write something really controversial.  I want to just scream out, "I cannot stand Dr. Suess".  

"Nene is my favorite housewife of Atlanta!"  
"It's true, I hate eating desserts with nuts in them!"  (Well, of course I am going to eat's still a dessert ain't it?) Seriously, why would you mess up the pure deliciousness of chocolate?  Does it need to get better?  Heck no it doesn't.

I just have this need, this want, for people to get into an fight to the bitter end.  

Does she REALLY not drink coffee?
The crowd:  "Of course she does!"
"Don't do it!"

In real life I am such a harmless creature.  Sweet.  Kind.  Save the drama for your mama kinda girl.  

In the midst of all of these controversial thoughts I must fuse these thoughts into something a little more clean, subdued if you will.  So, lucky for you "Getting to Know Me Better: Round 2" is coming to a a blog near you.

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  1. lol!! I know exactly what you mean. It's so much easier to write what you think than to say it sometimes. Also that is what makes things interesting these days...when people display their quirks for everyone to see.

    I love your blog! Bring on what you really think! :D