Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just had to blog it

I just got a call from a telemarketer.

Which by the way, I am so much nicer to you telemarketer people than I used to be.  It's a recession people!  What if a nice person got laid off and had no choice but to be a telemarketer?  Hey, I understand, so I am now somewhat nice.  Here's to you, Mr. Telemarketer guy that got laid off from your real job and had to telemarket even though you are nice.

Back to the story...

So, the telemarketer on the phone says, "Is Mr. SuchandSuch there?".
Me: No.
Her:  Is Mrs. SuchandSuch there?
Me: This is her.
Her:  Oh, I thought you were a kid.

Now, I can honestly tell you for the faintest split second I was excited because for some reason I thought she had told me I LOOKED young.  How great is that?  Especially now that I am feeling like an old hag.

Then I realized, oh we're on the phone.  She didn't say that at all.  She said I SOUNDED like a kid.  When I realized there is not one benefit to sounding like I kid I was a little hurt.

She in the mean time was continuing on with her monologue.

Me:  Uh, no thanks.  Click.

Me again:  (After the call ended) "Jerk."  

See?  The call was ended.  I could have called her a jerk over the phone.

See how I've changed?


  1. *snicker*
    I miss you. (And I don't think you sound like a kid over the phone.)

  2. So proud of our little Jen growing up!! (even if you have a young voice)