Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Not Cool

As soon as I had a baby I knew my days were numbered.  I would never be cool.  Not in a "Hey, I'll supply the liquor to your teenage party, honey." kind of way.  More like a you'll never see me all slouched over on What Not to Wear in my mom jeans kind of way.

I always thought I would be somewhat hip.  You see?  Do you see
 how I talk now?  Who says "hip"?  Moms!  That's who.
Especially being a Stay at Home Mom.  You are forced into looking like the person you never thought you would be.  I fight and I fight, but giving up sounds like the right thing to do.

When I first started staying at home I woke up in time to take a shower, get dressed nice and put on make-up.  I could still live out my old ways.  In reality though, the likelihood of my cute clothes getting spaghetti thrown its way or sidewalk chalk on the back of my shirt is high.

I know these facts deep down and I know what I've become, but I still continue to
 live in a daydream world of thinking I could one day be Megan Fox.  I love my delusional world.

My day came though.  
I went to my favorite store, Anthropologie, just imagining all the awesome things I would walk out with.  I would be so cool.  So hip.  I was prepared to look like I popped straight out of the Anthropologie catalog.

This is the only thing I walked out with.  After an hour of searching and finding and trying on.  I couldn't do it.  I pictured every item I tried on with splashes of milk and dirt and chalk and crayons and unidentifiable substances.

It's over.  My Mom status has escalated to the highest status...Mom Jeans.


  1. I'll never believe that you will end up in "Mom jeans". Your generation of stay at home moms would never stand for it, and neither would you!!

  2. lol...yes. I have arrived there as well. my wardrobe is very lacking while I sit and daydream about what I could wear and make to wear without actually doing anything about it.