Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's been a year.

September 5th marks my one year anniversary of being a Stay at Home Mom.  I cannot believe for one second that it has already been a whole year.  I still feel as though I am a newbie and am still getting used to it.  Although in the big scheme of things I had been working since I was 16 years old.  Voluntarily thank you very much.  So, for me, working has been a part of my life for a long time.

After a whole year though I would like to give a great big kiss goodbye to my old job.  Good riddance.  How in the world did I think I would miss it?

For those of you that don't know.  When I quit my job I had plans of quickly find a new job and moving on with life at a job that I would like a little better than the last.  It just didn't work out that way and I am so glad it didn't.  I think my old job was making me a crazy person.  A genuine crazy person.  I still have unsettling flashbacks of whispering, quickly and quietly and isolated, eating my lunch at my desk.  Pure paranoia.  Sometimes I forget...I'M FREE!  

My new job, however, makes me happy!...and I will continue to pray that I am able to stay at home for several more years.

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  1. It's amazing how fast the time has flown by. I'm so glad that you got to experience these months with Reesie. You are very fortunate that you have been able to stay home, and I also hope it continues if for no other reason..........continued blogs!!!!!