Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Finally the surprise is out and a heavier load could not be lifted from my shoulders. For months I have been planning a surprise 30th Birthday party for my husband. To even say that it was difficult to plan this party is a huge understatement. First and foremost he doesn't like parties, and secondly he doesn't really like theme parties. Did I let that stop me? No!

To host a surprise party in your own house with someone you live with...almost sent me over the edge. There were countless fights trying to keep him out of the closets and away from my email. To plan every single detail in secrecy almost made my heart stop-twice. I am a second guesser people!

But, alas...it is done.

Happy 30th Birthday Mark Anthony!

The theme was Mafia/Italian, so I tried to include every aspect of a dark and cozy Italian restaurant that I could. The lights were dim, the entrance was lined with red balloons on the ceiling, and I made these red checkered runners everywhere.
One of my favorite parts was the buffet where I served lasagna, skinny bread sticks, bruschetta, fried ravioli, fried mozzarella. I made a chalkboard menu and if you look closely lasagna is misspelled. Details...details. I won't be a sucka and rat whos done it. We'll keep it in the "family".

In the background I made peach Bellinis with prosecco, which is what he and I drank when we were in Venice. It was what I looked forward to the most, even though I didn't actually get one. *Funny Side note* My sister-in-law thought the peach juice was the Bellini so she drank it all up not realizing you have to add the prosecco. So it kind of went fast! *Funny side note over*

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the food completed and on the table, but it all happened so fast.

I had to have a poker table. No one actually played, but it was a great addition to the scenery.

To drink: I had Italian red and white wine, along with Italian sparkling sodas.

Lastly, the dessert...mmmmm. I picked up a tiramisu cake, strawberry cheesecake, and cannolis. I had never had a cannoli before, but they were delicious and addicting.

The pictures do not do it justice, but he was surprised and that is all that matters. Just the fact that I got to carry a gun around all night and wear my long black gloves from prom made it all worth it.

It was definitely a happy birthday...gangster style.


  1. So fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy it was a success! Now pictures of the cupcake party please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jennifer...umm where was the cigar picture? Thanks for the invite though I enjoyed th party so much! I love red balloons too....haaahaaa! Fun Times!