Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sneaky Sneaky

As my sweet little Pumpkin approaches the age of 2, she has begun to disregard anything and everything I ask her to do. The little ball of sunshine I once knew has now become very opinionated, and to be perfectly honest her "opinions" don't tend to sit well with me. If you must know I find them to be whack. Yes, you heard me "whack".

One of the numerous new issues is bedtime.
"Hey sweet little darling, sugar pie, honey dumpling...it's time to go to bed."

Her: NO!
Me: Uh, yeah, you know why...because I said so.
Her: NO!
Me: Whatev.

If only you could hear exactly how she says "No". It's more of a "Neeeuo". Exceptionally cute, but difficult to under mind.

Regardless, a few weeks ago, after we get her all tucked in The Old Man questions the sudden distaste for nighttime. There's only one obvious reason-she knows that after she goes to bed all sorts of cool things begin to happen. That is when parents break out all the goodies. They eat tubs of ice cream, jump on the bed, watch Punky Brewster, and I don't know...lots of cool stuff! Well, that's what I thought when I was a kid. Every night I would lie awake listening for the party to begin.

(Hubsband: A blank stare)

These are the types of conversations the two of us have that always leave me feeling crazy. Well, little did I know my idea of the parent party post bedtime would come to fruition beginning with me.

Later that very same week The Better Half went out to get my weekly M&M McFlurry, and it hits me.

See? I knew it! Those dang parents are hanging out late doing awesome things!

Here I am at 8:30 on a Tuesday night just sitting on the couch eating my McFlurry, right after we put little Pumpkin Patch down for the night and the guilt flooded over me. That's why she is having trouble going to bed. She wants a bite of my McFlurry. She knows!

What else are those parents doing after their kids bedtime? Chatting up Santa? GA!

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  1. You are amazing as usual!! I still cannot conceive a two year old, or younger having any idea that they could be missing ANYTHING after they go to bed. Why wouldn't one that young assume that everyone was going to bed!?!?!? I do not believe that even you, as brilliant as you are, were envisioning an after hours party going on at that age!!!