Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A blog shout out and contest!

I have been reading Emily's Little World blog for at least a year and a half.  I am obsessed...period.  She is my blog hero and she chews gum while sleeping.  I am intrigued.  Her pictures are amazing and our babies are the same age, so that makes me feel connected.  Yes, to a total stranger or as I like to call her my best friend.  Whoa, did I come on too strong?

Anyhow, she is having a scavenger hunt photo contest where you pick 8 out of 10 questions to find and photograph.  Then somehow you win, I don't remember how, but either way here are mine.

Let's remember here-I am no photographer.  I don't even put the "p" in photographer.  That's how bad I am.

1. Something you need every day.
I have got to have a shower every day or my life is turned upside down.  If the door bell rings and I have not taken a shower-I'm not home.

2. A happy place in your house.
The nursery is the most serene place in the whole house and this spot is where I go when I need help.

3. Something you ate today.

4. A picture of a picture.
This is a picture of my grandpa when he was a baby.

5. Something fall-y.
Candy corn, but not just candy corn, CHOCOLATE covered candy corn.  Snap.

6.  Your favorite color.
Purple.  Blurry purple.

7. Something from your childhood.
Don't be scared.  It's my original Strawberry Shortcake.  I can't help but to laugh out loud when I see this.

8. Something from your to-do list.
I am trying to make a "Happy Birthday" pennant banner.  So, I needed a fading marker.  

I love games.


  1. Love your images! The clean stark white of the shower... Your completely inviting nursery (oh that sunlight!)....
    Love the creepy Strawberry Shortcake (haha), and um, YEAH, those candy corns look amazing.

    Thanks for playing! Love "getting to know you" a bit better! :)

    I am such a schlump that it is cute that I am your hero. 'Cause I'm NOT that cool. haha! :)

  2. not a good photographer? P-SHAW!!!!!

  3. You know that you are good at anything you try!! You will definitely be in the running with the pics you posted. Remember, I know how Strawberry looked in her prime!! Love you.