Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Story

One of my last posts listed my Top 5 Christmas Movies.  "Colon", if that is your real name, commented and did not like that A Christmas Story was not part of the list.

Well..."Colon", if that is your real name-this one's for you Bud.

I sat down and pay-per-viewed A Christmas Story.  I had to.  I have never watched because I know me, and I know I'm not going like it.  

Sure, I've seen a clip or two in my life and all I knew is that it was about a leg lamp.  What?  That's not Christmas.

So I as I sat down and pressed the two simple remote buttons to purchase.  I immediately felt the buyer's remorse settle in.  What am I doing?...and so I sat.  As it began I already hated it, the ugly early 1980's coloring, the funny looking kid and the strange brother.  I hate it.

But...I continued.  I sat and watched until the very end when I found myself screaming inside for little Ralphie to receive the official Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model BB rifle WITH a compass.  Oh please Mom and Dad...please!  What does a kid have to do around here?

I simply loved it!  See? It's always better when I don't listen to myself.  

Now, Colon, if that is your real name-would I put it on next year's Top 5 Must See Christmas Movies List?

You'll have to wait and see.

P.S. Is Scut Farkus not the real life version of Sid from Toy Story?  Please get back to me on this one.  Thanks.


  1. The dude who played the bully Farkus has his then and now picture on TMZ.com today. "oh fudge".

  2. "Frah Gee lee. It's Italian".