Friday, January 1, 2010

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman finally came to Dallas and all I got was this lousy picture.

Yes, she is the dark shadow in the center. I had to throw bows just to get this one shot.

Pioneer Woman was the first blog that I began to read religiously and I love her. She is the inspiration for this sad blog you are reading now.  From the Borders bookstore that I went to on an early December night it seemed as though I was not the only one who reads her blog. Who knew?

I began to get a little nervous a couple of days before the signing after seeing PW's pictures from other cities.  It was after seeing massive crowds in her pictures that I started to realize that she may be a bigger star than I realized.  Once inside the Dallas Borders and being dropped at the door because there were no parking spots...I realized I had made a mistake driving an hour with a toddler... in the rain.  

Sorry, Pioneer Woman, but I stayed a whole hour before giving up.  I later read on her site regarding her trip to Dallas about how some other sad person like me thought the FIVE HOUR wait was worth it.  Maybe in my youth dear friend...maybe then.

I was waiting to have her sign my copy of her cookbook.  I didn't get it signed, but I LOVE the book.  It is my favorite cookbook right now with lots of good recipes that are already on her site and lots of my Thanksgiving and Christmas dishes came straight outta here.

So, if your New Year's resolution is to cook then this is your book.  If you want...I'll sign it for you.

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  1. You know that I completely forgot about it until like the next day or so when I heard (or read) about it! Oh me. I still want to get the cookbook sometime. Sorry I wasn't there to wait with you!