Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Local Yocals: Aldi

On a mission to find Almond Butter, on the cheap, I went to the new market in town-Aldi.  I saw the commercial and so I went.

I somehow assumed that perhaps they would be a scaled down Central Market.  Where do I get these "ideas?"

I pull up in 40 degree weather with my fifty kids, and with good fortune on my side I got a front row parking spot.  As I was getting the sippy cup, the wipes, the snacks, the blanket, the coats, and my wallet ready-I looked up as I was cramming it all into my purse and saw something about needing a quarter for a cart...blah blah blah.  Wait.  What?

I read the sign a little closer.  Basically for Aldi to save costs and room in the parking lot you insert a quarter into the cart to unlock it and then when you finish with the cart you get your quarter back.

Ok fine.

So, now I am cramming the sippy cup, the wipes, the snacks, the blanket, the coats, and my wallet in my purse-I now am stuffing a quarter in my pocket.

Now, I get out with my fifty kids in freezing temperatures and walk up to insert the quarter to look over and see a lady coming out with no bags.  Just zucchinis and potatoes strewn in her cart.


I forgot my bags and these folks at Aldi could give a flying flip.

So I walk all the way back to get my environmentally friendly bags.  I walk into the store ready to go and soon realize it's a mini Sam's/Costco.  Oh forget you Aldi!  Where's my daggum Almond Butter?

Lesson here folks:
If you go to Aldi it better one pretty day on the plains because if you have fifty kids like me you will never make it.
Remember your quarter.
Remember your bags or you'll have to pay a dime for each one.
Don't go in looking for Almond Butter.

I love you environment, but the Mom of fifty kids kinda hates you.

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  1. All you need to know about Aldi is very cheap and good: blue corn tortilla chips, deli salsa, blue cheese crumbles and other cheeses,spaghetti sauce, frozen ravioli, and knock off cereals. huge .49 avacados are good in the fall too.