Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pretzel M&Ms

If you're not addicted you should be.

Pretzel M&M's...hello!  They are little bits of deliciousness.  Do I like pretzels?  No thank you sir.  Do I like chocolate covered pretzels?  Eh, trying to make something gross into something good-I see where you're going, but don't let the pretzel fool you people.  These things are good!

Luckily this was Anthony's stocking stuff for Christmas.  Well, I say luckily for Anthony, but what I am really saying is lucky for ME.  It was a bag 5 times the size of the one above and I ate every single M&M in that bag besides the one I gave to Anthony.  Obviously I liked them about 1% more than he did.

These things are so good they almost beat out my favorite candy.  A twix is just too tough to beat.  Although when it comes to a snacking candy, Pretzel M&M's is your man!

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