Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Cook vs. The Baker

My entire life I've been told that you are either a cook or a baker.  

I have to be a baker.  I can eat a cookie, a cake...a pie...a brownie any time of the day, any day of the week.  I have to be-I love to bake it and I LOVE to eat it.  There have been times in my house that I have made an entire batch of cookies and have eaten every last bit of cookie within a day.  Look it's happened. 

If you have had the pleasure to stroll upon one of my desserts, like the one below, you may question my decision on being a baker and not a cook.  You may actually want me to be a cook just so you don't have to eat such an ugly pie.  I understand.

As much as I wish to be a cook.  It will never happen.  I have a disorder...a following directions disorder.  I HAVE to follow directions.  I cannot stray.  I cannot waiver.  What is written must be done. 

I made a Tomato Crouton dish the other night and it said to dice the tomatoes in 1/2" dices.  It took me so freaking long to dice those tomatoes it wasn't even worth it.  I almost took the ruler from the drawer just to ensure they were exactly 1/2".  As I was walking towards the drawer I realized how crazy that is.  Cooks don't get a ruler!  That's just embarrassing.  

So, I made the Tomato Crouton dish which turned out not to be so great.  
Was it the fact that the tomatoes were not measured perfectly to a 1/2 inch dice?  We may never know, but probably.

So, I went straight away to baking.  I had to.  I needed a safe haven where following directions is not a disorder, but a service to your stomach.  As my finger glided seamlessly across my measuring cup to get an exact cup of sugar I felt right at home.

I am a baker by default.  I have problems.

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