Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fiesta Fiesta!

My Mom's best friend, Aunt Jan Jan as I like to call her, had a Birthday earlier this month. So, I decided it must be a Fiesta. Why? I don't know. Why could it not be a regular party? I don't know. So, a plan was made. Then a pinata was bought. What is a Fiesta without a pinata? Ask yourself that same question. Anyhow I made as much Mexican food as I could make and the party was on.
The pinata must be filled.

Hung up.

Oh and by the way, my 84 year old Grandma got up to swing at the pinata with her cane. Priceless.

The cake must be made.

Then, most importantly, eaten.

I am going to have to was the best Fiesta I have ever been to. I also don't like to toot my own horn, but that cake was good! This isn't boxed people.

Did you know? For my sorority's annual Mom's weekend I asked Aunt Jan Jan to come with my Mom. She is practically my second Mom, so it was fitting. We had a dinner at Billy Bob's with the mothers and then we had the rest of the night to dance the night away at the 'ol honkey tonk. Well, at the dinner we got up to get in the buffet line and I was talking to someone I knew and introduced my Mom and Aunt Janice as "my folks". I turned to see the horror on my Mom and Janice's faces. I laughed and turned back to tell the person I misspoke, and all at once we were all trying to explain-not my folks in the lesbian sense, but more like my Mom and her best friend. It was hilarious! I have called them my folks ever since.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


  1. Whenever my mom & my Aunt Joy come to visit, I usually refer to them as "my folks" also. As in, "My folks are coming to visit." or "You have to meet my folks." It's just easier than saying "my mom and Aunt Joy."

    That was way too many quotation marks.

    P.S. That cake looked tasty!

  2. mmmmm...that cake does look good! I'm still trying to decide if I should attempt to make Brandon's first birthday cake or buy it. Are you in the cake business yet? I might be calling you if you are up for it :D

  3. Thanks! You should definitely try to make. How many people are you having? I didn't her first year, but am trying this year to do it.