Monday, August 9, 2010

For the Love of Food: Almond Butter English Muffin

My life tends to revolve around whatever food I am into for any period of time.  I have had the Fruity Pebbles phase, the McFlurry phase, the Sonic grilled cheese phase, the Cherry Dump Cake phase, and so many more.  It would be a sad moment to even begin to count the food phases.  So for my sake, and yours, I won't.

Any thoughts of blowing up like a balloon shall be left behind, so that I can now introduce you to my newest phase.  The Almond Butter English Muffin...

Do you hear the birds singing?  

When I was in New York for my friend Amy's wedding, she casually mentioned to someone during her bridal shower about her new breakfast addition.  It had something to do with an english muffin, and some honey.  However, I perked up when she mentioned almond butter.  I had been hearing about this almond butter for several months now in passing.  

Look people-I lead a sad life based around Martha, Oprah, and The Food Network so almond butter gets around.

I don't really like peanut butter or nuts in general, but I had been interested.  I had to delve deeper-Almond Butter...what do you do with the stuff? 

Well, this is it.

Almond Butter English Muffin

1 English Muffin
Almond Butter

Toast the english muffin in the toaster.  Spread the almond butter  onto the english muffin and drizzle with honey.

Don't thank me...thank Amy.

By the way, in Texas Almond Butter is ridiculously expensive.  After trying to cut down on my grocery bill, an eyebrow was raised from The Other Half when I purchased this gift from the heavens.  However, something so heavenly should be expensive right?  It is a gift from above after all.

Sidenote: I also just ran out of my first jar last week, so trying to sneak another jar into the pantry will command an act of the CIA.  It's all hush hush here people.


  1. jen! you are so cute. haha! i am in love with AB as well. now, do you have a trader joes down in that big state? it is usually pretty affordable there....

  2. We don't! Amy and I were just discussing this. How can Texas be so deprived?