Thursday, October 21, 2010

the boy child has arrived

Three weeks in and I have only had one catastrophic meltdown over a lost headband and crumbs on the couch.  Things seem to be going pretty well, no?  I am not really sure who would have an utter breakdown over a headband and crumbs, but if the question should ever arise in an "ice breaker" introduction game I can now confidently raise my hand.


Little Boy Blue is here and I truly could not be happier.  It is just as wonderful and difficult as I had imagined.

One of the most difficult things to date actually was texting everyone the big arrival news.  Anthony had to manually insert all of my friend's numbers into his phone one by one at some unheard of early hour in the morning.  I think we were both delusional and I still question if everyone knows.

Oh and does everyone know why he had to manually input all the numbers?  Well, that's because I wanted him to feel some of the pain that I had just gone through!

Ok no.

I have as you go phone-SHHHHH!  I try to keep this small piece of information to myself.  I don't want to go around flaunting my frugal $30 sad existence to everyone.  I just try to add "sent from iPhone" to all of my emails so people still think I am cool and not too sad.  To be honest I think this aversion to technology runs in the family.  Is my Mom the only person left on earth that does not own a computer, or much less know how to use a mouse?...or really even know what that dang Facebook nonsense is?  I blame you Mom for my lack of an iPhone or Blackberry.

Overall, having two kids makes you write strange posts on the internet.


  1. GO PHONE? Really? You might as well only use a landline...

    Can't wait to meet Noah!!!!!!

  2. That is not funny about your lack of technology. Do you know I live with someone whose phone broke years ago and is being held together by tape? Seriously.