Monday, December 30, 2013

Almond Butter: The Final Frontier

I don't have much to say here except...the winner has been found.  My one true love was my first love.  It was the first kind I bought three years ago and it is what I came back to.  I am so sorry I strayed MaraNatha.  Forgive me?

Central Market's MaraNatha All Natural Raw Almond Butter-Creamy

Everyone asks me which almond butter is my favorite since I started my quest to find the perfect topping to my english muffin.  I have tried every kind I could get my hands on.  There is raw, not raw, creamy, crunch, no-stir, etc.  

I like this one because it doesn't taste like peanut butter.  It has texture.  It's good.  That's all.  

Oh and I did eventually make it to Trader Joe's locally.  I only had two choices: Creamy and Crunchy.  I chose Creamy and it wasn't right.

You are the one for me MaraNatha.

You are welcome for starting your 2014 with an amazing topping to your new year and english muffin.

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