Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Quest for Almond Butter

I get asked a lot of questions over here at Office to Aprons, and I have to say the most frequently asked question is:

Is your quest for Almond Butter over?

Well folks, what a good question,  and you are all too right to be concerned with such a hard pressed and topical issue concerning today's society.

The short answer is...uh...I don't know, I guess so.

You see the Christmas season brings me back to two years ago when the door bell rang.  I went to the door and found a plain box just days before Christmas day.  When I opened that sweet little box I discovered that someone reading this here blog went out of their way and sent me Almond Butter.  Two jars no less.  I thought about crying, but I've got standards.

I think they must have read this post and then this one.

Anyway if you must know, when I was in NYC earlier this year I took a $20 cab ride just to go to Trader Joe's to buy $6 Almond Butter.  Only my best friends, who were with me, would allow me to do that.  

A mere year ago here in North Texas the almond butter I prefer (you have to stir up, and it has little bits of almonds in it) cost $13 a jar at my local specialty grocer, and it was a 20 minute drive to get there.  I lived in that world for a long time.  Saving up to buy a jar every few months.  Then I saw it at Target and I knew whoever buys for Target read my blog and they were listening.  Really listening!  Until I saw it was smooth almond butter.  Target doesn't know me at all.  Smooth almond butter tastes like peanut butter.  Don't they know that?  Ick.  Then my local grocery store had it.  Same problem.

THEN (and this is where it gets good) I saw a recipe for it!  A recipe!  I cook!  So, I made some.  What the what?  It was Sea Salt Almond Butter...and it was disgusting.  It was too thick and let me say this, I am over "salted" everything.  I will save that one for another post.  See look at the picture below.  Looks good doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  Gross.

After that I figured the quest was over.  I had done it all.  Then I suddenly hear the whispers of a Trader Joe's coming to town and by golly since I haven't blogged in a full year it finally came and opened.  It is here and because there have been lines around the block to get it in I haven't gone, but the lines are dying down and the Almond Butter quest will soon be finished.

Aren't you glad you asked?


  1. This is one reason why I love you! You are just so neat! The other reason is cause you married into ONE Awesome family!!! LOL

  2. That is some good looking hummus you made there.